Cemetery Hit By Vandals

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It was supposed to be a final resting place, but it was anything but peaceful overnight at a central Kentucky cemetery.
Vandals knocked over 150 graves at the Versailles Cemetery on South Locust Street.

150 headstones were damaged by vandals sometime over night in the Versailles Cemetery, a horrible sight for people to see as they rushed to the cemetery after hearing the news.

A worker found the damage and called police.

Officer Pat Melton with the Versailles Police Department says at least 20 of headstones were cracked as well.

"I feel bad for the families who come here to see this", says Christopher Littrell, a worker at the cemetery.

Police believe more than one person committed the crime.

"Some of the headstones weigh about 800 pounds, so it had to take more than one person to put this much effort into it", says Officer Pat Melton.

Fred Siegelman, the Mayor of Versailles says the city is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Police say the people responsible will face felony charges.

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