Two-Year-Old Laurel County Murder Still Unsolved

The community of Cold Hill in Laurel County has the mystery of a cold case.

“Unfortunately we didn't have any witnesses to this,” said Kentucky State Police Det. Mark Allen.

Harold Reams was shot and killed inside his home on January 12th, 2007. Investigators have come to a dead end as far who may have done it.

“I don't think this was a random act. I think this was planned,” said Det. Allen.

Police say someone shot Reams from the outside of the house while he was inside, sitting at his kitchen table.

“He was a good family man, hard worker, treated people fair and honest, well liked in the neighborhood from everybody,” said Allen.

A $17,000 reward is being offered for information into Harold Reams' death. $16,000 came from an anonymous donor and $1,000 from Crimestoppers.

“That is a large amount of money and a lot of times it never goes that high, that we get calls on. So it is very surprising,” said Allen.

Reams was relieved of his duties as road supervisor just days before his murder, but police say they have no indication that had anything to do with his death.

Anyone with information about Reams’ death can call London Police Dispatch at 606-878-7000 or Kentucky State Police at 606-878-6622.

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