Several Counties Targeted By Thieves

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Boyle County Sheriff's Deputies and Kentucky State Police are now returning thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods to some people who did not even known their property was stolen.

From high powered tools to jewelry and vacuum cleaners, thieves targeted unsuspecting victims throughout several counties for their everyday household goods. Many of the items were taken from sheds and out buildings.

Police have now arrested 37-year-old Freddy West in connection to at least half a dozen burglaries across four counties, including Boyd, Lincoln, Mercer and Washington counties.

Boyle County Sheriff's Deputies say the string of thefts occurred in the span of about 7 months, but a break in the case came when a neighbor called police after seeing a suspicious vehicle roaming the neighborhood.

Law enforcement officers are now working to return stolen goods to their rightful owners, though some items have yet to be claimed.

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