Fluke Lightning Strikes, Hits And Kills Two Horses

A Lexington horse owner discovers two horses lying in his on his farm and discovers they were struck by lightning.

Guy Burnham says he lost two yearlings to a fluke storm that blew in around 4 in the morning on Wednesday.

He says his wife came to the stables early this morning, and only one of the three yearlings was there to greet her at the gate.

He says she noticed the other two horses lying in the field and thought they were asleep.

When Burnham approached the horse he says one had burn marks from the neck down one of the legs.

Burnham says the other yearling died when the first horse fell on top of it.

Burnham says he and his wife were very attached to the animals but say he's not sure if a freak accident like this could be avoided, saying during the night is the best time for the horses to exercise.

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