KY Expert Talks About Chimp Dangers

The owner of a 200 pound chimp who mauled a person in Connecticut this week, now says the she never gave him the anti-anxiety drug Xanax.

Sandra Herold says she never gave the drug to her chimp, Travis, who was shot dead by police Monday after he brutally attacked Herold's friend Charla Nash who is now fighting for her life.

In Kentucky you will only find 11 chimps in captivity, not in homes rather safe at a center in Nicholasville.

April Truitt knows primates belong in the wild, she just wishes that others could understand the same.

"They are possibly the worst pets one could ever want and they really don't belong in people's backyards or basements."

But they often do, like 15 year old Travis, a ticking time bomb who Truitt says finally exploded this week in Connecticut attacking his owner's friend.

Truitt says she contacted Travis' owner Sandra Herald in 2003 after a very high profile incident involving the chimp.

She blames incidents like the one involving Travis the chimp on the pet trade in this country.

"The pet trade in the past decade has been very lucrative selling a lot of animals to people who have no business having them.

Truitt says nationwide there are about 225 chimpanzees living in private homes.

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