Electric Customers Upset Over Billing Blunder

Hit hard by the ice storm, many people in the Mitchellsburg area of Boyle County lost more than just their electricity.

“I lost about $250 worth of food in a freezer,” said Marie Coffman.

But Coffman and others also lost their temper when they opened their electric bills from Inter County Energy.

“When I opened it, the bill had doubled. It took me 30 seconds before I could breathe,” said Glenna Hardin.

Hardin didn't have electricity for 7 days. Yet her February bill was nearly $600, about double her usual payment of $300.

“It kind of hurts my soul to give the electric company that kind of money. That's half my house payment,” said Hardin.

An Inter County spokesperson says the problem is partly to blame because many bills had to be estimated because meter readers could not get to homes in the ice storm.

“We checked with our computer software folks before this happened, we saw it as a potential problem and there was no way to mitigate that before it happened,” said Sheree Gilliam, Inter County Energy Customer Services Vice President.

Electric cooperative officials say the errors will be corrected.

“We just need them (customers) to get us a reading of their meter. If they can't do that, we can send someone out there to take a reading,” said Gilliam.

Inter county officials say those who choose to pay the amount on their bill, will be credited on their next bill.

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