School Board Meeting Gets Heated

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Prior to the most recent Clark County School Board election, the majority of the school board and its superintendent were generally in agreement. With two new school board members and a new chairman Judy Hicks, that's all changed. The superintendent now plans to leave his post in June, even though he had a year left on his contract.

At a Clark County School Board meeting Tuesday night, discussions turned ugly.

"Perhaps you are so close to the end of your career that you find it impossible ..." said new board member Wendy Berryman.

"Mrs. Berryman, I find your whole questioning offensive," said Clark County Superintendent Ed Musgrove. "I find it to be very offensive, and you owe me an apology."

Clark County Superintendent Ed Musgrove didn't get the apology he was looking for Tuesday night.

The heated exchange erupted after Berryman questioned the superintendent about a policy on cell phones.

She later questioned his authorization of $2,500 for an annual post-graduation event.

"So, it's alright for me to oversee a $45 million budget, but I can't authorize $2,500 to go the seniors for 'Project Graduation' without your permission?" questioned Musgrove.

Clark County Principal Gordie Parido thinks it's unfortunate the feud took attention from the meeting's whole purpose.

"We weren't really talking about academic achievement or how to improve academic achievement for our students, and that's obviously something that wasn't discussed," said Parido.

Berryman canceled her interview with 27 NEWSFIRST on Thursday, saying the only comment she would make is in a letter to the editor of the Winchester Sun. In the letter, she apologized for her actions saying she realized her comments may have been offensive.

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