Police: Cars Illegally Booted In Lexington

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No one likes to get the boot particularly on their car, but Lexington police say someone is booting cars without the right to do it, and it's costing drivers big money.

Officials are looking to make that person pay. On Wednesday, Charlie Maddox Jr. who operates Premier Parking & Security, was ordered to appear in court on theft charges.

Lexington Police have received nine complaints since February 1 about Maddox.

From people saying he's illegally booting their cars in lots off East Main Street.

"When we came back to our car, there were orange cones up and ours along with at least six others were booted," said Deena Fowler.

Fowler says Maddox wouldn't answer her questions, so she called police.

"He was not authorized to boot cars in this lot," said Fowler. "He is a crook."

Fowler and several others paid the $50 to have the boot removed.

"There were several other cars in the lot besides ours, and none of them were booted," said Kim Rulo. "So, I asked him why that was and he just ignored me."

The owner of the lot copied a letter to 27 NEWSFIRST he wrote to the Chief of Police. It clearly stated Charlie Maddox, Jr. leased the lot at least once in 2007. The lease expired January 1, 2008 and the contract was not extended.

Maddox told 27 NEWSFIRST he did nothing wrong. "Everything I did was legal," said Charlie Maddox, Jr.

"It's been a nightmare," said Angela Morris. "It's like he took advantage of us. He's a crook, thief, liar, everything. It's just awful."

These three women are all attempting to get their money back. Two of them have taken him to civil court.

"We just don't want others to be victimized, too. He's done enough," Kim Rulo said.

27 NEWSFIRST attempted to contact Maddox's attorney, but our calls were not returned.

According to the city, Maddox does not have a current business license in Lexington.

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