Ice Storm Recovery Efforts Continue

It's been more than three weeks since a major ice storm rolled through Kentucky, crippling some parts of the state.

The storm knocked out power to nearly 700,000 people. Some of those people still in the dark.

As you drive streets in your neighborhood, you'll likely still see debris of some sort from the storm.

There are people working hard to make sure all Kentuckians get back on their feet.

According to officials that have been dealing with disaster relief since the beginning of the ice storm, this could be the single biggest disaster in Kentucky history.

Well over a million people were impacted by the winter weather in some way pr another.

That being said, a lot of progress has been made in terms of the recovery effort. Emergency personnel from the state and federal levels have been working together to help the 102 counties that have declared emergencies.

As things improve on a day to day basis, about 200 FEMA workers remain in the state, helping people recover. They say things could remain this way for several months.

At this time, state officials say there is no way to predict how much money this ice storm will cost because all the clean up work yet to be done will have to be factored in.

State officials say at the end of the day on Friday, they expect every temporary shelter that provided relief to those without power to be closed as they are no longer needed.

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