Fire Destroys Lincoln County Home

Jesse Southerland escaped his burning home, moments after going to bed.

The fire broke out late Thursday night at the home on Linda Avenue, just outside Junction City.

“But I really don't know what happened, when I opened the door the blaze run me out, I had just went to sleep,” said Southerland.

The home is in a part of Lincoln County,hit hard by the ice storm. Southerland went a week without power and now he's without a house.

“I didn't get the ice storm cleaned up and this happened,” he said.

“He’ll just have to build him another one, or buy him one or something,” said Marvin Southerland, Jesse’s brother.

Everything inside the home was destroyed and many things can't be replaced.

“Pictures...I'd say the main thing,” said Marvin Southerland.

“I guess when you get old, stuff like this happens to you,” said Jesse Southerland.

The cause remains under investigation but fire officials say it could be electrical.

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