Heating Help Running Out

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The winter heating months are far from over and already, a record number of people are asking for help to pay those bills.

The Community Action Council in Lexington says they've already paid double in heating bills compared to this time last year. More than a million dollars in aid has been spent.

The Community Action Council says on average, they're spending about $150,000 a week on heating bills. They say they only have about half a million dollars left to help.

Now, leaders there say its simply a sign of these hard economic times.

"We're getting a lot more working class. It's not just the poor anymore," explains Cameron Minter, of the Council.

He says this time last year, the council ran out of heating assistance money all together. That is after spending more than $600,000.

This year Minter says they've already paid $1.1 million in heating assistance. He says only the council's cold hard cash will keep some people warm.

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