Diesel Fuel Ruins Water Supply In Letcher County

Diesel fuel is what officials confirm is causing thousands of people to go without water in Letcher County, and now, state officials plan to cite the same company that caused a similar problem back in November.
Test results confirm that diesel fuel from a "Childers Oil" gas station leaked from storage tanks into the north fork of the Kentucky River. An estimated four-thousand households have been warned against using the water for drinking, cooking, or bathing since Monday.
The Lexington Herald-Leader reports state officials have been sampling the water all week, to see whether it is safe for consumption. More results are expected tomorrow.
In the meantime, officials have set up several areas where people around Whitesburg can get fresh water.
Until ten each night, you can go to the Colson Senior Citizens Center, Cowan Recycling Center, Letcher Fire Department, County Garage at Mayking, or the Whitesburg City Hall until nine in the evening.
At this time, officials don't know how much longer it will be until the water there will be safe.

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