Stimulus Money For Kentucky

The recently passed stimulus package is something that has people talking across the state. Everyone from lawmakers to the average Joe are weighing in on how that money should be spent here in Kentucky.

Governor Beshear's Chief of Staff says Kentucky should see great benefits from the stimulus package.

“The whole point of the stimulus package is to put Kentuckians and Americans back to work,” said Adam Edelen, Chief of Staff for Governor Beshear.

That is something people say they are looking forward to.

“I think they should do something to try and help with the jobs and stuff because I know a lot of people that's having trouble with unemployment and stuff like that,” said James Gilbert.

“We need more jobs and better education for our children. I'd like to see some of it spent there,” said Loma Rookard.

Representative Tim Couch agrees. He says it is important to invest in education and repair schools.

“I would hope that the category five schools that we've got that's needing repair or rebuilt, that would be replaced and we'd use some money on that,” said Rep. Couch (R) 90th District.

He also says he is glad to hear that nearly half a billion dollars are expected to go towards roadways.

“We have about eleven county bridges condemned that buses can't even cross. I mean they can spend some of that money and replace those bridges and help the counties out,” said Couch.

Overall, officials hope the plan will create a more stable economy.

“And with that, Kentucky can be a prosperous place where people can afford to live and work and raise their families, free of economic insecurity,” said Edelen.

He says he looks forward to the changes.

State officials say they expect Kentucky to see an additional 48,000 jobs come out of the stimulus plan.

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