Lawmakers Consider New DUI Laws

Some Kentucky lawmakers say those convicted of DUI should be required to prove they’re sober, before getting out on the open road.

“It seems we’re not being tough enough with them. Because they continue to re-offend,” said Rep. Dennis Keene, D-Wilder.

That was the case in Whitley County in July 2007. Raymond Garner was drunk when he crashed into two cars and killed a pregnant woman and a child. He had two previous DUI convictions.

“We have so many stories of victim survivor families who have lost a loved one, only to see that offender continue to drive drunk,” said Angela Criswell with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

If House Bill 180 passes, anyone convicted of DUI would have to use a breathalyzer to start a car. And there’s even an in-car camera to prevent tampering.

“This would be paid for by the offender and the cost averages out to about a drink per day,” said Criswell.

Keene says the alcohol industry isn’t against the bill but he’s facing a challenge getting it heard in committee.

“The trial attorneys are formidable foes to take on. This is something that is a not a top priority for them, it affects their business,” said Keene.

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