Is An Accused Murderer Fit To Stand Trial?

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Over the course of a month and a half Lewis Ballard was evaluated at the Kentucky Correctional Psychiatric Center, or KCPC.

Today the doctor who evaluated Ballard told the court he can't read or write but according to the expert he's still competent to stand trial.

His trial for the death of 6 year old Wesley Mullins was supposed to take place this month however it's been pushed back to August. Now his Lawyers are questioning if their client is mentally fit to have a trial at all.

From December of last year to January of this year, Ballard was evaluated at The KCPC where he was given IQ and other tests.

Today Dr. Stephen Simon told the court his findings. He says Ballard did better than his memory test than his IQ would predict.

He also told the court about Ballard's troubled past saying he has a history of several head injuries and also an extensive history of alcohol involvement.

Those head injuries include getting hit by a hammer twice, once as a two year old another time when Ballard was nine.

Despite his past, and whether or not he can read or write Dr. Simon says Ballard scored a 72 on his IQ test that means not only is he competent in the expert's eyes but he's also eligible for the death penalty once this case goes to trial in August.

In the end the judge will allow the defense a couple of weeks to go over testimony given today before making an official ruling.

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