Teenagers Crash Stolen SUV, Run From Police

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It was a close call for 8-year-old Bela Lemaster who says she found herself in the middle of a police chase right through her front yard.

"Bela had taken to get one of our dogs outside, and I heard all this commotion, and I looked out and I saw a car up in our yard and police behind them and police chasing someone," says Bela's mother, Nicole Lemaster.

Lexington Police say three teenage boys were being stopped for entering a construction zone. That's when the boys fled police, taking down street signs on the way and striking a tree, all in a stolen SUV. They then got out of the SUV and began running on foot.

"I was just scared he was getting away and there would be some gunfire exchange," says Nicole. "I didn't know what was going on, so I just wanted her in the house safe."

All three boys were caught and will face felony charges of receiving stolen property.

It will be up to a judge to decide if the teens will be released to their parents, or stay in the juvenile detention center.

Police say one of the boys was injured in the chase, after the SUV ran over his foot when he jumped out to escape. He was treated at UK Hospital.

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