Search For Cemetery Vandals Heats Up

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Authorities are following several leads to find the people who turned over more than 100 headstones in the Versailles cemetery last week.

As the search for culprits continues, cleanup of the damage is slowly happening as crews await equipment to help them lift the heavy headstones.

150 headstones were knocked over and now a reward from the city is going up.

"A couple of tips have come in. The detectives interviewed a couple people of interest in this case and the city has upped the reward to $5,000, so we want to find out who did it and make sure it's brought to justice for the community," said Officer Pat Melton of the Versailles Police Dept.

In what police say was a very despicable act, they are aggressively searching for the individuals responsible. Meanwhile the community is hoping they are found soon.

"I've never seen anything like this. It's unreal", says Versailles resident, Jane Barber.

"We can't understand why anybody could be so mean or so evil", says Barbara Peach, a frequent visitor of the cemetery.

"They're outraged at this, that someone would do this. Why they would get their kicks out of doing this, I don't know. It's bad, the community is very upset", says Officer Melton.

"They should have to put all the stones back up", says Barbara Peach

"They should have to sit down with the families they hurt and just hear from them", says Jane Barber.

Police say the people found responsible will be facing a felony charge.

Meanwhile, if any businesses would like to help contribute to the reward the city is offering to catch the people responsible, please contact the Versailles Mayor, Fred Siegelman at (859) 873-4581.

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