Troubling Trend, Shoplifters Stealing Food

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Kroger is reporting the economy is hitting the food retailer in unexpected ways, saying people are resorting to stealing food.

At Kroger stores alone, shoplifting arresting are up 15% from last year.

Lexington Police say shoplifting happens everyday, but now they're seeing an increase in people stealing food from grocery stores.

They say it could affect your bottom line.

The shoppers that spoke with 27NEWSFIRST say it's happening because people are desperate and say it's so bad they can even understand why people would risk stealing groceries.

Lexington Police arrested two people on Monday for shoplifting a combined $150 from the Hamburg Meijer.

Police say they used the self-checkout but didn't scan or pay for their items.

Now police want to use them as an example saying there are alternatives to stealing like using the local food bank.

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