Adjusting Electric Bills In Boyle County

In the aftermath of the 2009 ice storm, some customers in Boyle County say their electric company left them in the cold with over-priced bills after weeks without power.

Now the company says they are going to fix the problem.

Inter County Energy says their meter readers couldn't do their job during the ice storm, so some folks got bills based on estimated usage.

As a result they say some people's February bills were too high and their bills could be adjusted.

Some customers tell 27NEWSFIRST their bills jumped from around $300 to $600. Those are the customers Inter County Energy Representatives are trying to reach. They say they want folks to look at their bills.

They say all their customers should look in the lower-left hand corner of their bills in the billing section. They say if there is a letter "E" in the box, the amount of the bill was estimated. They say estimated bills could need adjustment.

To receive an adjustment, customers can call Inter County Energy and a meter reader will come by. Their number at the Danville office is

Inter County Energy will also extend the due date on affected accounts from March 4th to March 18th and will not apply penalties or run disconnect cycles on those accounts.

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