Human Remains Found At Central Kentucky Construction Site

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Allen Juett was digging a water line from the house to the street on a Scott County construction site Monday afternoon when he turned up something he had never uncovered before in 16 years of excavating.

Juett tells 27 NEWSFIRST, " I was digging along, and I noticed a round object in my bucket. When I dumped it, I could tell it was something that was not supposed to be there."

That round object turned out to be a human skull. That was confirmed by the coroner and a UK archaeologist who spent much of Tuesday morning at the site.

More human bones were found in the same area, and they suspect the ground around there contains more remains and could well have been a graveyard.

Juett says, "They did a test dig, and according to the archaeologist, they found more caverns which could be multiple graves.

Archaeologist David Pollack says he has recommended that the water line be rerouted and that the homeowner simply preserve the old cemetery in his front yard.

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