Audit To Be Revealed In Spending Scandal At Bluegrass Airport

An extensive audit of former top officials financial practices will be revealed Wednesday, a part of an investigation into a spending scandal at Lexington's Bluegrass Airport.

The allegations against former Airport Executive Director Mike Gobb and his executives come from lots of airport cash being used on questionable items, like strip clubs and lavish trips.

On Wednesday, an audit of 256 pages over 3 years of spending by those in charge of Bluegrass Airport will be revealed.

Mike Gobb's spending practices came into question last year.

Airport Board Chair, Bernard Lovely began second guessing Gobb.

At the center of the investigation is hundreds of thousands of dollars spent by Gobb on his, and other airport officials', credit cards.

Some of the spending in question consist of lavish trips around the world, expensive electronics, and sporting equipment including a shotgun. All these items Gobb claims was for the betterment of Blue Grass Airport.

Wednesday morning, an intense audit conducted by a half dozen people in Crit Lualenn's office over the last month will expose who was telling the truth and who was getting away with what.

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