Army Recruiting Numbers Up Amid Struggling Economy

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Army recruiting numbers are up nationwide. For the Lexington Company, the recruiting numbers have exceeded 100 percent. During the current fiscal year, which began in October, Lexington's recruiting company is at near 101 percent of its recruiting mission for the Army and at 119 percent for the Army Reserve.

Recruiters say the struggling economy may have a hand in it, with the army often offering bonuses and job security.

Sgt. Charles Hartley says losing a job shouldn't be the only reason to join however.

For Private First Class Jason Hall, the economy wasn't necessarily why he joined. But now nine months in and training in computer graphics, the benefits don't hurt either.

But if you are needing money fast, don't expect to walk through the doors and come back out with cash. It could take weeks or even months depending on the program.

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