School Remains On Lockdown Mode After Receiving Threatening Letters

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We are learning more about a lockdown situation this week at an elementary school in Harrison County.

School officials at Northside Elementary in Cynthiana received several letters in an envelope last Thursday with "questionable content."

The school will remain on lockdown with extra security at the school until otherwise noted.

At this time, police won't reveal what the letters said, however the lead investigator tells 27 NEWSFIRST they were not directed toward any children.

"We want to make that very clear. These letters do not mention the children at Northside nor do we believe the staff at the school are in any immediate danger," said Officer Scott Loechel.

The school district sent a letter home with students last Thursday advising parents of the situation.

"We had no idea anything was going on. We were shocked and scared," said Stacy Lemons, a parent of two children who attend the school.

Cynthiana Police have requested help from the U.S. Postal Service in Cincinnati, where hand writing analysis technology is used as well as finger printing for purposes of identification.

"We feel they can help us in areas we just couldn't do here in Harrison County," said Officer Loechel.

The letters and the envelope will be sent there on Wednesday and the results could take up to 30 days.

"Best case senario, this might help us identify who wrote these letters and put this case to rest," Officer Loechel went on to say.

Whether the letters were intended for the school or not, because they popped up in the mail there, the person responsible could facing felony charges and up to five years in prison.

Police are also working with the Harrison County Sheriff's Department on a similar case that they think also might be related.

The details on that case have not been released.

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