Democrats Boosting Domestic Spending Atop Stimulus

WASHINGTON (AP) - After stagnating under the Bush
administration, domestic programs could soon be flush with federal
Congress' Democratic leadership is moving to pass a $410 billion
spending bill that would boost spending for domestic government
agencies by 8 percent on average. That's on top of the $787 billion
stimulus package that already won the president's signature.
As President Barack Obama prepares to give Congress an outline
of his 2010 budget, the House is taking up the bill that includes a
21 percent boost for a program that feeds infants and poor women
and a 10 percent hike for Section 8 housing vouchers for the poor.
The measure is expected to sail through Congress.
Taxpayers for Common Sense, a budget watchdog group, counted
nearly 8,600 pet projects totaling $7.7 billion inserted into the
House Republican leaders have attacked the bill as excessive,
especially on the heels of the giant stimulus package.

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