Lexington Police Arrest "Fake Doctor"

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Lexington Police say 43-year old Dean Willoughby never had a medical license. Still, he setup shop at 841 Corporate Drive in Lexington, an office building that houses several businesses.

Willoughby worked out of the location for at least a year, but Lexington Police fear it may not have been his only "office". They say the man may have worked as a fake doctor in other parts of the city or in other communities.

A neighboring tentant says he would see Willoughby mostly working on the weekends or early evening during the week.

Willoughby appeared in court by a video arraignment, then posted bond Wednesday. Police say more charges are possible if additional patients come forward. They're asking anyone who went to Willoughby contact them at 859-258-3600.

They're also concerned Willoughby may be using personal information of people who sought treatment at his office.

Police say Willoughby performed physical exams at his office on men. Police are still trying to determine if Willoughby ordered any tests on patients or prescribed any medications.

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