Grief Counselors on Hand at High School after Student Death

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It was a very emotional day for students who spoke with grief counselors today at Corbin High School about the loss of a classmate that has hit the school hard.

Inside Corbin High School are plenty of students with one big question.

"They want an answer to 'how', and we can't answer that", says Brandon Anderson.

It's a subject teacher Brandon Anderson, like others, is struggling with. He had Steven Lambdin in class.

"He was a fun guy to be around. Popular with all students", says Brandon Anderson.

Lambdin, a freshman, and another student, 16-year-old Jonathan Goforth, a junior, were riding together and involved in an accident on Wednesday that is hitting the school hard. Police say Goforth tried to pass a car and hit a truck head-on. Steven Lambdin was killed in the crash.

"It's so hard to lose one of your students. We're like a family here", says Corbin High School principal, Joyce Phillips.

Grief counselors were at the school today doing their best to comfort and speak with students.

"It's rough on students, teachers, staff, everyone", says Joyce Phillips.

They're still trying to deal with the loss of one friend and the injury of another.

"Our thoughts are with the family", says Joyce Phillips.

School officials say they do plan on having some type of memorial for Steven Lambdin, but don't have any details available just yet.

Meanwhile, they have set up a fund for Steven Lambdin at Hometown Bank locations in Barbourville, London, and Corbin. You can contribute to any of those locations.

As for Jonathan Goforth, he is currently in serious condition at UK Hospital. The driver of the truck hit head-on has been treated and released from the hospital.

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