Victims Of Alleged Fake Dr. Speak Out

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27 NEWSFIRST has confirmed Dean Willoughby was arrested again on Thursday night, facing two new counts of impersonating a doctor.

His bond is set at $2500 for each count.

Dean Willoughby was first charged with imitating a physician Tuesday. One of his alleged patient speaks with 27NEWSFIRST.

Thanks to a search warrant, obtained by 27NEWSFIRST, at least three people claiming to be victims of Dean Willoughby were guests at the Catholic Action Center.

The Center's Coordinator says having guests take part in scientific studies at UK is common practice, especially when there is money involved.

Now more people are coming forward with stories of how they were examined by the a person claiming to be a doctor.

Nicholas Howard says he was approached by a man who told him he could make 50 dollars if he got a physical from Dr. Willoughby.

He went along with offer, was examined and paid, saying everything looked legitimate. Then he learned this man was arrested now Howard says he feels violated.

The search warrant indicates Willoughby was also posing as a Doctor in South Carolina.

Police say the investigation began in January after a maintenance man at the office complex saw a naked man in Willoughby's exam room along with photography equipment.

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