Family Hopes New Reward Brings New Information In Missing Woman Case

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Nichole Vanzant has not been seen since January 19. Now her grandparents are offering a hefty reward for information leading to her whereabouts.

Menifee County Sheriff Rodney Coffey tells 27 NEWSFIRST, "Money tends to get people interested so the Penix family has put up a $4,000 reward in hopes that if somebody has information they have been holding back because they're scared or for whatever reason, this may provide them some incentive to give us a call."

But Sheriff Coffey says the search for the 27 year old Nichole has never been called off. "Our fire department rescue squad is out there every day following up on tips, searching different areas of the county.
Wednesday, we put together 2 four-man teams with the Sheriff's Office and the Red River Adventure Group, and together we kayaked the river in the gorge."

As hard as those local search crews have been working, they welcome all the help they can get, and in fact, a well known equine search team may be brought in from halfway across the country.
The sheriff says, "We have put in a formal request for this team out of Texas, asking for their assistance. They are willing to come in and bring some pretty high tech equipment.

Sheriff Coffey says if people don't hear something about Nichole Vanzant's disappearance on the news each day, they assume the search is over. "But we're following up on every tip that comes in. We're encouraging anybody who hears anything or comes up with any information to definitely contact us."

People can reach the Menifee County Sheriff's Office by calling, 606-768-3875.

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