Judge Will Allow DNA Evidence In Lincoln Co. Murder Case

As a flurry of motions were considered.

Sherry Moore tried to sift through the legalize being discussed at the bench, while staring at the man accused of gunning down her son.

"And when you hear things like, you know pre-trial conferences, and everything before we can start the trials, and people saying 'not guilty'it just hurts so bad. I just miss him so bad," said Sherry Moore after the court proceedings Friday.

Moore's only son, Bo Upton, and Ryan Shangraw were killed in February of 2002.

Campbell will stand trial on April 6th on charges that he was one of at least two triggermen who burst into Shangraw's trailer and opened fire on the two young men.

"And I want, for them, just to get life without parole, meaning they could never kill anyone else's child," said Moore.

Jamarkos Campbell was a juvenile when the crimes were committed, therefore he's not eligible for the death penalty as the 3 other co-defendants are.

But Campbells' attorney also argued that his client's age should also impact other sentencing guidelines.

Some new legal rules could prevent Campbell from getting life without parole. Campbell's attorney also asked that DNA evidence be suppressed because he said illegal samples were taken when Campbell was a Madison county inmate on unrelated charges.

The judge overruled that motion.

"Well, , I think that anytime you have DNA in a case, that's a pretty substantial piece of evidence," said Commonwealth's Attorney Eddy Montgomery.

Moore took in all the legal banter while clutching a picture of her son, Bo, holding it up...as a sign of what she's lost.

"I think it's helped me prepare for when, the trial actually starts, from being face to face with the person who's cold hearted enough to murder your child," said Moore.

The judge also heard a motion to completely dismiss charges against Campbell, but that was quickly overruled.

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