KSP Targets Aggressive Drivers

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Kentucky State Police are cracking down on aggressive drivers, specifically those who exhibit risky behavior around big rigs.

KSP's Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division is about to launch the second of three waves in its TACT campaign. Officer Charles Tinsley tells 27 NEWSFIRST, "TACT stands for Targeting Aggressive Cars and Trucks. Techically, what we're out trying to do is make people aware that following too close and speeding can be very dangerous when you mix them together."

Drivers tend to forget that a big semi tractor trailer rig needs a lot more room and time to get stopped than the average car does. According to Officer Tinsley, "A lot people don't understand that when you're dealing with an 80,000 pound vehicle, it's going to take a whole lot longer to stop than with a 5,000 pound vehicle. And when the two crash, it's a no win battle for the car. But some people are just impatient. They want to get around these trucks while not understanding the consequences that could occur."

When you pass a commercial truck, there's a good rule of thumb to follow as to how much distance to put between your car and the truck before pulling back into your original lane. Officer Tinsley recommends 2 to 3 car lengths, and KSP now has some high tech devices that can give them the exact distance between vehicles.

Truck drivers sometimes get too aggressive themselves and drive much too close to the vehicle in front of them, but Tinsley points out, "Anybody that's driving aggressively will be dealt with swiftly because we're trying to keep the fatalities down in Kentucky."

And it's working. KSP statistics on collisions between trucks and cars show 6 fewer deaths during the 2008-2009 TACT campaign than in the same time period in 2007.

The campaign's next enforcement wave begins March 2 and runs through March 13.

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