Drug Induced Stealing Spree

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A 32-year-old Laurel County woman is behind bars facing a long list of charges for allegedly drugging her two 17-year-old nephews and directing them on a crime spree in a London neighborhood.

Thelma Lee Thurmond faces charges of unlawful transaction with a minor involving an illegal controlled substance and physical injury, wanton endangerment, receiving stolen property, and tampering with a witness.

Authorities say Thurmond's addiction to narcotic pain pills motivated her to provide Xanax and Lortabs to her two 17-year-old nephews on January 28th. She then reportedly directed them to steal items from cars in the Delmas Gilliam neighborhood of London. Several items were stolen including DVD players, purses, and a laptop computer. Some were returned to their rightful owners by Thurmond's estranged husband.

Authorities have interviewed several people who are close to Thurmond who all say she was involved in this crime. However, she denies any wrongdoing.

If convicted she faces 20 years to life in prison.

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