Mexico Still a Spring Break Destination, Despite Violence

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It's a popular spring break destination that the U.S. government says just isn't safe because of increased drug violence, but a Central Kentucky college says their trip is still on for now.

Spring Break is a time to sit back and relax for most college students.

"We really excited about it," says Asbury College student Carol Fogler.

For some, like Asbury College students Carol Fogler and Emily Rehner, the time away from school is about more than just relaxing.

"We're going to Mexico to do some soccer camps," says Emily Rehner.

During spring break, the Asbury girls soccer team will be part of a mission trip to Mexico.

"One of the things we try to incorporate is the opportunity to do overseas mission trips. We try to plan one every other year," says Paul Nesselroade, the coach for the Asbury women's soccer team.

Coach Paul Nesselroade says the girls soccer team has been planning the trip for awhile, and have already switched locations once after recent violence in the country.

Officials say they plan on monitoring the situation in Mexico to make sure it isn't dangerous, but as of now the trip is still on.

"We're not going to put anyone in harms way," says Philip Thornton, the Vice President of Field Ministries with Go International.

The organization Go International is who the team is working with on the trip, and although some schools are urging students to find a new spring break destination they're confident trip will run smoothly.

"I suppose anytime you travel there's a certain amount of risks. You have to take the adequate precautions and believe we'll be okay in this situation," says Philip Thornton.

"We'll continue to monitor the situation. We don't want to jeopardize anyone at all," says Coach Nesselroade.

University of Kentucky officials also tell us they have some students currently in Mexico right now for a campus program, but they are not in the area of Mexico officials are worried about.

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