More Charges Filed Against Man Accused Of Illegally Booting Cars

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We first brought you the story a week and a half ago about a Lexington man accused of illegally booting cars in Lexington.

We've received such a large response following that story, our tips have led to a further investigation.

We found many more people who say they've been victims of a bogus operation.

Now the man at the center of the investigation, Charlie Maddox, Jr., will be heading to court numerous times over the next couple of weeks to face the people who say he cheated them.

Since our first story aired, we've received email after email from people saying Maddox charged them anywhere from $50 to $140 to remove a boot from their cars.

Reports have been filed from parking lots off E. Main Street, E. Short Street and areas around Broadway.

Police have filed several charges against Maddox related to these cases.

In court documents, police say Maddox does not have a valid towing/impoundment license, nor can he provide proof of permission by property owners to impound vehicles.

He will make his first court appearance on Wednesday, March 18th. He is also scheduled to appear in small claims court in the next couple of weeks as several people who say he illegally fined them are taking civil action against him.

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