More Evidence Collected At Accused Fake Doctor's Home

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A Central Kentucky man accused of pretending to be a doctor appeared in court Tuesday morning, where his case was waived to a grand jury.

Dean Willoughby, 43, is accused of posing as a doctor at an office on Corporate Drive in Lexington.

Detectives say the investigation began after a maintenance worker saw a naked man in Willoughby's office along with photography equipment.

Now, authorities are focusing on Willoughby's home and business (Alan Publishing Company) in Montgomery County where police have seized a significant amount of evidence.

27 NEWSFIRST has learned the items include computers, CDs and video tapes. According to the Montgomery County Sheriff, it's evidence that directly relates to the case against Willoughby in Fayette County. However, he could not specifically say what was on the tapes, CDs or computers.

At this time, Willoughby has not been charged in Montgomery County, but that could change pending the outcome of the investigation and once police are able to sift through all of the new evidence seized from his properties in Mt. Sterling.

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