Streamline City Government Before Cutting Jobs

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Richmond city leaders looking to be efficient before looking to layoffs to stem possible economic trouble.

One City Commissioner say it's only a matter of time until the crunch of a struggling economy comes to these streets.

Rita Smart says, "I want to be on top."

She might be a new comer to city politics.

"I've only been a City Commissioner since January."

Smart says she wants Richmond should be run like a business.

"We'll start with the department heads."

At the last city commissioners meeting, Smart brought up the idea to conduct a managerial audit on about 15 department heads.

For example, Smart says city employees drive their time sheets to City Hall, she says it's easier to e-mail time sheets and could be an easy to save money.

Smart wants to be clear this isn't to the level of head hunting just yet.

"We're not to get anybody just make government more efficient."

Saying the same practices worked for her personal business there is no good reason it won't work here.

"We want to be efficient looking into the future."

Adding the ultimate goal is say the more than 300 jobs.

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