Poor Economy Forces More People To Garden

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Gardening store sales are booming as more Lexington residents plan to grow their own fruits and vegetables in 2009. The economy is believed to be a factor for the increase in households planting their own foods.

The trend is taking off country-wide. A January survey from the National Gardening Association revealed that 43 million U.S. households will be planting more veggies this year. That is up 19 percent from 2008.

Wayne Goins, Owner of Fayette Seed, says, "We're seeing more new faces this year. I think with the economy people will stay home and work on raising a garden."

Fayette Seed store in Lexington plans to offer helpful gardening tips and techniques as growing season rounds the corner.

From the survey, nearly 58 percent started growing produce for better-tasting food; 54 percent said because it was cheaper; 48 percent said because they know the food is safe.

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