Digital TV Thefts

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As of June 12, anyone who still has an old analog TV won't be able to watch it because every station in the country will be broadcasting in digital.

That means more and more people are buying digital TV's right now and unfortunately, more and more people are stealing them as well.

3 houses in three weeks have been burglarized in Robertson County, and in all three cases a digital TV was taken.

Janell Pitts, who lives in the home hit most recently, says their TV was the only thing stolen.

"My wedding rings were lying on the desk in the bedroom. I had all kinds of necklaces and chains, a blueberry, VCR's and money. It would have been a heyday for a regular thief, but I guess they were just looking for one particular thing, and it happened to be the most important thing for my husband," she said.

Janell is pretty certain that stealing their TV was not a one man job.

"It took three of us to put it in so I'd say it took a couple of them to get it out. It was a 46 inch Sony. They got in by breaking the glass in the basement door and took the TV right back out through that opening in the glass," she said.

The area around Mt. Olivet in Robertson County is normally a place of peace and quiet where neighbors feel safe, but Janell Pitts says, "I've lived my whole life in the county, and this is the first time I've ever been robbed. It makes me wonder now that they know what else I have, will they come back, so I've not been sleeping very well."

Sheriff Randy Insko is urging people buying digital TV's not to put the box out with the trash because that's an open invitation to thieves, but the Pitts family burned the box when they purchased their TV, and they were still burglarized. Obviously, there are no guarantees when it comes to thieves.

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