Principal Accused of Assaulting Student Appears in Court

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A Nicholas County principal accused of assaulting a student appears before a judge with a "not guilty" plea.

15-year-old Dusty Green says everyday he thinks about an incident that happened at Nicholas County High School in February.

"I walk by the place where it happened everyday," says Dusty Green.

In the surveillance video outside the school given to 27 NewsFirst, Dusty Green is with the principal, Joe Orazen, when he says something to him and soon after gets picked up and thrown to the ground. He says the incident injured his collarbone.

Dusty Green also says this was the second argument he and Orazen had that day. The first was supposedly over a cell phone. He says he didn't know that the words he would say to the principal would lead to him being assaulted.

Today Joe Orazen appeared before the judge to answer to that assault charge. He quickly left the courtroom referring all questions to his lawyer, but not before letting the media know all the details of this case haven't been released just yet.

"Everything will all come out in its due time," Orazen said as he walked to his car.

"There's more to this case than what's shown in a 10 second video," says David Franklin, Joe Orazen's lawyer.

While David Franklin, says what Joe Orazen has to say will make a difference in the case.

"I think the law provides plenty of justifications when you're under the threats and situation that he found himself in," says Franklin.

Dusty's mother says to her, that doesn't matter.

"I just want him to be held accountable. I don't want it to be brushed under the table," says Michelle Green.

Both parties say they are ready for this case to be over.

Dusty Green is currently suspended from school for a different incident that took place after this one.

Joe Orazen is suspended without pay and can't have contact with Green.

He will appear back in court in April.

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