Murder, Standoff Suspect To Answer To Charges

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - A suspect in a fatal shooting outside a
busy Lexington bookstore surrendered Thursday after barricading
himself in his car for nearly three hours and threatening suicide,
police said.

Toby Ray Lasure, 31, of Lexington, was charged with murder in
the shooting of a man in the parking lot of Joseph-Beth Booksellers
at the Lexington Green shopping area, police spokeswoman Ann
Gutierrez said.

The victim was identified as Christopher Tolliver, 31, of
Lexington, according to the Fayette County Coroner's office.
Tolliver died of a gunshot wound, the coroner's office said in a
news release.

Gutierrez said the shooting happened Thursday afternoon in the
bookstore parking lot. Witnesses told police they could tell by
their interaction with one another that the men knew each other.

Police wouldn't comment further on what may have led to the

Gutierrez said after police arrived, the suspect fled in his car
to the parking lot of a mental health facility. He was holding a
gun to his head inside the vehicle while talking with police
negotiators on a cell phone, Gutierrez said.

"Our negotiators were talking with him this entire time, trying
to come up with a safe outcome," Gutierrez said. "Such a tragic
day already, we're just happy it ended the way it did."

Gutierrez said a chase ensued after an officer tried to pull
over Lasure's vehicle, and Lasure sped away. He collided with
another vehicle before the standoff and will face multiple traffic
charges besides to the murder charge, she said.

The mental health facility, called The Ridge Hospital, was on
lockdown most of the afternoon and more than a dozen police cars
created a perimeter around the area, which is near a movie theater,
grocery store and restaurants. Gutierrez said she didn't know if
Lasure had any connection with the facility.

Actor William Shatner, who owns a farm in central Kentucky,
happened to be shopping at the bookstore when the shooting

"My car is here, that's all I know," he told the Lexington Herald-Leader. "I just want to get my car and go home. It happens
where I come from; it doesn't happen here."

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