Boys Finger Severed In School Bathroom

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It's a horrifying story. Part of a Central Kentucky kindergarten student's finger was severed in his school's bathroom.

Konner Snell is six years old. "I'm in Kindergarten!", he says.

He loves playing games, especially video games, but right now he's having a little trouble because of his hand.

Konner went to the bathroom at Southern Elementary School. An accident inside cost him his finger.

"I put my finger on the door and opened it and someone was inside and shut the door, and my finger fell off", says Konner Snell.

School officials say they quickly called Konner's parents.

"They said his hand was shut in the door", Deann Snell, Konner's mom.

"I just thought he had crushed his hand", says Robert Snell, Konner's dad.

"They didn't tell me that the finger was off", says Deann Snell.

Then I saw the bag my sister-in-law was given and realized it was off", says Robert Snell.

Deann and Robert Snell say they immediately rushed Konner to the hospital to have part of his finger reattached.

"I said I want my finger!", says Konner Snell.

"He's a trooper", says Bryan Blankenship, the school principal.

Principal Bryan Blankenship says as for the parents concern about why 911 wasn't called....

"It's our policy to call the parents to let them make the decision about what should happen", says Blankenship.

He says steps are being taken at school to keep this from happening again.

"I emailed staff, and put signs on the door so students will be careful", says Blankenship.

As Konner recovers, he's hoping he'll soon be able to use that hand again.

"So I can play games", Konner says.

Doctors tell the family there's a 99 percent chance the reattachment won't be successful. They're still hopeful they'll get lucky and that it will be.

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