Teenager Hit By Motorcycle

Two people are in the hospital after a motorcycle hits a 15-year-old girl crossing the street in front of her Jackson County home.

The girl is now battling life-threatening injuries.

Witnesses tell police the 15-year-old girl looked both ways before she ran from her driveway in Clover Bottom towards her mailbox across Highway 421. That's when the motorcycle hit.

Kentucky State Police Trooper Chris Lanham says, "There was a juvenile victim laying in the roadway, an off duty nurse was attending to her."

Police say the girl had been listening to an I-pod with headphones, and may not have seen the motorcycle coming south because of the sun.

Lanham, said, "At that particular time of day the sun is very bright to the north, so she might have been distracted by the sun."

The motorcycle driver, 29-year-old Christopher Fogg, landed inside a vacant building yards away. Police say his helmet probably saved his life.

The girl suffered brain hemorrhaging and had surgery Thursday night. Her mother tells us her daughter is doing better, but not out of the woods.

Lanham says, "Anytime there's a juvenile concerned, or anyone for that matter, but especially younger people, it's very hard on all concerned, from the rescue squad, to the witnesses, to the officers."

The accident is still under investigation, but police do not suspect Fogg was speeding.

Police tell us the girl, who is a freshman at Jackson County High School, is in critical condition. Fogg is in fair condition.

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