Police: Inmate Plotted to Kill Bailiff

RICHMOND, Ky. (AP) - Police say an inmate plotted to kill a
central Kentucky bailiff with the lawman's own gun, but the plan
failed when the gun wouldn't fire.
Sgt. Scotty Anderson of the Madison County Sheriff's Department
says inmate Steven Chaney took Bailiff Daniel Futia's gun about
noon Wednesday as Futia was unlocking a van.
Anderson says Chaney tried to shoot Futia twice, but the gun did
not fire.
The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that Chaney had Futia escort
him to the restroom twice during court proceedings. Anderson says
Chaney used the bathroom breaks to observe the location of Futia's
Chaney had been in court on robbery charges. He has also been
charged with disarming a police officer, second-degree escape and
first-degree wanton endangerment.

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