House Approves Measure To Freeze Gasoline Tax

After hitting a record high last year of more than $4 a gallon, gas prices have dropped off back under two bucks.

Kentucky drivers may get another break this spring when the gas tax is supposed to be lowered by four cents a gallon, but. many lawmakers want to freeze the tax, saying the money is needed for projects, instead of being put back into your pocket.

Because of changes in the wholesale gas price, an automatic 4 cent drop in the state gas tax is scheduled to go into effect April 1.

House Bill 330 freezes the tax at 21.1 cents. Each penny means $32 million to fund new and improved roads.

“If this bill does not pass, we will not have a state road plan,” Rep. Rick Rand, D-Bedford, said as he addressed the House floor Friday morning.

But some lawmakers say not reducing the tax creates a perception problem.

“I think we need to be very careful about keeping more taxes on an already overburdened public,” said Rep. Stan Lee, R-Lexington.

But others said cutting the tax jeopardizes the 6 year plan that will result in projects and jobs for many all over the state.

Lawmakers approved the motor fuel tax bill by an 82 to 17 margin. The overall road plan was approved 94-3. The legislation now moves on to the Senate.

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