Police Officer Saves Dying Dog; Now Part of His Family

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Paris police officer Mark McClure was on his way home from work early in the morning when he spotted what looked like a dead dog in the middle of US 460.

"As I drove by him, I noticed he put his head up and looked at me," said McClure.

McClure stopped his SUV in the middle of the road so no one could go by.

"Then, I went to a few houses to see if it was their dog, but no one knew whose it was," McClure said.

With the help of a neighbor, McClure put the lab-mix into the back of his SUV and rushed him to Countryside Animal Hospital in Mt. Sterling.

The dog suffered a broken femur and two broken paws. It cost nearly $800 to patch up the animal.

"You can't put a price tag on a life, especially this sweet guy," said Ashley McClure.

Friends and Mark's co-workers at the Paris police department have begun raising money to help the family with Benji's medical bills.

You can donate at:

Officer Mark McClure
c/o Paris Police Department
525 High Street
Paris, KY 40361

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