Memorial Invite Mistake

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It's being labeled as a clerical error but for one Mt. Sterling family, it has brought about much heartache and frustration. The Colombe family received a letter this week from St. Joseph Mt. Sterling and St. Clair Hospice inviting them to a memorial service for their 2-year-old daughter. Their daughter is alive and well.

Jennifer Colombe says the letter has upset her so much that she is afraid to take her daughter out as she is worried that something might happen to her. She said the incident has made her "superstitious."

Colombe is also concerned that a death certificate might have been issued for her daughter since a memorial service had been scheduled. She said the hospital told her that while someone was processing her daughter's recent medical records, he or she accidently entered an "E" for "expired" rather than a "D" for "discharged."

The hospital is investigating the matter and has indicatd that they will report their findings to the Colombe family on Monday.

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