Woman Awakes To Find Man Inside Her Apartment

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A woman had a frightening ordeal early Monday in Lexington.

Police say the woman, who lives with 4 other University of Kentucky students, woke up to the sight of a stranger inside her home on University Avenue, near the University of Kentucky campus.

Police say the stranger was dressed in a black top or jacket and black sweatpants.

When the woman screamed, the suspect took off, but with her purse.

Just two weeks ago her car was also stolen, so police are looking into the possibility it could be by the same person.

Police did take a man into custody soon after the incident matching the description by the young woman, but no charges have been filed so far and no arrests have been made. Police also stopped him in that same area an hour before the break-in.

Neighbors of the five women say just last week there was another theft in the area. The person just across the street from where this incident happened at also had a break-in. The residents inside heard someone walking around, and found their Xbox was stolen.

Police say they are stepping up patrols in the area next week especially for Spring Break so that houses don't get hit when students are away. They encourage all students to lock their doors, remove valuables from their vehicles, don't leave your vehicles behind if you go out of town, and don't pack up your car the day before you leave for Spring Break. It is more likely to be broken into.

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