Watch Mark Kennedy Get Shocked By Taser

New technology always means new training for police departments and the acquisition of tasers for officers in Richmond was no different.

Monday, was the first day dozens of officers began training with the Tasers, which included being shocked by one. 1200 volts were shot into their bodies for 5 seconds. That's the standard amount of time they would use on a suspect if necessary, according to Brian Lafferty, Richmond police detective.

"They are a way for us to have something that is not really painful, won't cause any medical condition and can keep officers and suspects more safe, said Sgt. Willard Reardon.

The use of Tasers is on the agenda at Tuesday night's Richmond city council meeting. If the council approves their use, the trained officers will begin carrying them.

WKYT Reporter Mark Kennedy also received a shock from a Taser. You can view the raw video of him being shocked in the video player above.

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