Cutting Energy Costs

In times like these who doesn't want to save a few of their hard earned dollars.

That's why we're introducing "money saver" good-to-know solutions for cutting costs and finding the best deals.

WKYT reporter Stacy Ellison shows us how a simple energy audit could trim your electric bill.

Every day in homes across Kentucky, homeowners are losing money without even knowing it. Roy Honicans made it his business to help you find that lost cash, lost due to energy inefficiency.

BG Energy performs about 900 energy audits annually in central Kentucky neighborhoods and homeowners are often surprised at how easy it is to save. Energy professionals say the audit is easy and surprisingly so are the fixes.

Honican begins the audit by looking for one simple sign, dust. If a house is very dusty there's a lot of air coming in from outside causing allergy issues.

Honican says most homes exchange air at about a 50% rate. This blower door finds the trouble spots by simulating a 20 mile per hour wind.

With the device the homeowner can see air coming in and out of common places like light switches, outlets, and floorboards.

Painters do a good job of sealing the sides. You can fix the problems yourself most time with a little tape and caulk.

In the attic even properly insulated spaces become money traps when the attic door is left uninsulated. The fix is very simple, put some foam on the back of your door. You'll also want to weather strip where the door lays into the hole and caulk the trim.

Change your filter because your dirty ones can reduce efficiency by 20%.

These simple steps can improve your home's energy efficiency by 30%, lower your bill, and increase the comfort and health of your home.

Energy audits are free to Blue Grass Energy member and cost $200 to $400 for non members.

Kentucky Utility conducts energy audits for members for 15 dollars.

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