FDA Seeks Quicker Test for Salmonella Detection

WASHINGTON (AP) - The government is looking to put salmonella
detection on the fast track.
Right now, it can take as long as nine days to identify the most
common food contaminants, and the Food and Drug Administration is
sounding the alarm for a quicker test.
Two recent fatal outbreaks -- one involving peanut butter, the
other involving tomatoes and hot peppers -- have put the agency on
the spot.
The FDA is asking the Pentagon, Homeland Security, Agriculture
and the Centers for Disease Control to lend a hand. The Agriculture
Department and the CDC also deal with salmonella outbreaks;
Homeland Security has responsibility for combatting bioterrorism
and the Pentagon is skilled at evaluating all kinds of technology.
One government scientist says being able to identify an outbreak
in just five days would be a "step forward."

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