Morehead Team Honored By State Lawmakers

It’s really a thrilling time for the Morehead State University men’s basketball team…and Tuesday afternoon both the House and Senate gave thunderous applause…and thanks to the team.

“Words cannot express how I feel right now,” said Junior Guard Maze Stallworth.

The players and the coaches were given a standing ovation for overcoming the odds…winning the OVC and…and becoming the first Morehead team to advance to the NCAA tournament in 25 years.

“It gives a lot of publicity to the school. Not just to the athletic program, but the school in general, feels good to put Morehead on the map,” said Stallworth.

House Floor leader Rocky Adkins was on the last Morehead team to make it to the NCAA tournament.

“There’s no words to describe the experience, that these student athletes are getting ready to experience, going to the big dance,” said Adkins.

Much has been said of how the game was won in the final seconds…but people say the team needs to be recognized for what everyone did.

“And whereas the Eagles displayed tremendous balance in the championship game, with all 5 starters scoring in double figures…” said the House clerk, reading a statement honoring the team in the House chambers.

“We’re so honored and proud of this team, so honored and proud of this school for the job they do, for the students, for the community,” said Adkins.

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